Heirloom Painted Portraits 

Welker Photography Boise's family, senior and headshot photographerBoise Photographer Legacy Painted Portrait

Families and pets are most important in our lives. The way your teen son smiles when he's playing with his dog, the peaceful expression of your 8 year old girl as she daydreams out the window on a rainy day, or even the giggle of your 5 year old with missing front teeth make meaningful memories and beautiful portraits.  A statement piece prominently displayed in our home honors our loved ones. Welker Photography offers something more when photography prints aren't enough. Heirloom Painted Portraits are for those memories you want to enjoy for a lifetime.  

Heirloom Painted Portraits are created through a system that ensures a successful portrait and experience.  Our concierge service allows us to meet with you in your home and consider where you might display your portrait.  Then, we design a photo session to create the perfect image at your home or a location that's special to you.  Next, we present your images for review in your home where you can see how they will look on your wall, making it easier to choose the perfect portrait image and frame.  Then, your picture is edited to perfection and submitted to our artists.  Through a collaborative effort your picture becomes a painted portrait with oil glazes hand applied creating the rich depth of a masterpiece.  Finally, we deliver your framed painting and install it in your home where it will be a constant reminder of what you love and can be passed from one generation to the next.


Whether it's a family portrait, a traditional individual portrait, or something more creative, we want to create a priceless and personal Heirloom Painted Portrait for your home.  Our work graces the walls of some of the finest homes in Boise. Let us design something especially for you. Contact us for a consultation.  


Young DancerYoung DancerPainted of a young ballerina right before dance rehearsal. The oil glazes give this painting a depth and color that no other medium can compare.

Beautiful brush strokes capture detail and emotion.



closeup mouthcloseup mouth closeup eyes 2Painted eye closeup from Boise's Welker Photography legacy painting